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Denis Gris

Principal Investigator

Dr. Denis Gris is a molecular and cellular neuro-immunologist with extensive research experience in the fields of neuroscience, neuro-inflammation, and autoimmunity. He received research training in neuroscience and in both innate and adaptive immunity in the laboratory of Dr. Lynn Weaver at the University of Western Ontario and Dr. J-P Ting at the University of North Carolina. Currently, Dr. Gris is studying inflammation and its role in multiple sclerosis, stroke, and Parkinson's disease.

Marjan Gharagozloo

Ph.D. Student

The goal of Marjan's project is to investigate the role of NLRP12 in T cells pathogenesis of MS. We hypothesize that NLRP12 plays a role in regulating the activation and differentiation of autoreative T cells during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) in mice. Findings of this research study are expected to clarify the role of NLRP12 in the biology of T cell response in the context of CNS autoimmunity. This study will pave a way to develop an innovative therapeutic approach to control immunopathological mechanisms in MS.

Shaimaa Mahmoud

Masters student

Shaimaa is working with astrocytes (predominant cells in the CNS) and their role in neuro-inflammation particularly in multiple sclerosis. She is studying mitochondrial activity in astrocytes and a special mitochondrial molecule called Nlrx1, which is a part of innate immunity. She is using a mouse model of conditional knockout for Nlrx1 only in astrocytes to study the role of Nlrx1 in healthy CNS and in mouse model of MS (EAE).

Camille Simard

Masters Student

Camille's main interest is in neuroscience. Her project addresses fundamental questions underlying neuronal biology - cell death and survival.  Currently, she is investigating the role of NLRX1 in mitochondrial biology in the context of neurotoxic environment. We hypothesized that NLRX1 promotes mitophagy in neurons and astrocytes thus increasing their resistance to stress. She is mainly working on primary astrocytes and primary neurons. Camille is using various reagents to induce cell death. This research will help to understand mechanisms of NLRX1-dependent neuroprotection.

Kenzo Yamamoto

Undergraduate Student

Kenzo is an engineering student at the University of Sherbrooke. At Gris Lab of Neuroimmunology, he is developing and optimizing an automated behavioural detection system. Kenzo is using Clever Sys to detect behavioural differences between sick and healthy mice in hopes to discover certain patterns that can lead to an early diagnostic before the appearance of visible symptoms. Kenzo is planning on pursuing a career in research, where he would like to apply his engineering knowledge into medicine.

Mehdi Amrani

Summer Student

Mehdi recently finished high school with studies in advanced mathematics, chemistry and physics. He has a passion for neuroscience including many neurodegenerative diseases. He's currently doing a summer internship at Gris Lab of Neuroimmunology and he's looking forward to his new experience.

Emilie Imbeault

Master Student, graduated
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Emilie has graduated with a Master's Degree in immunology in 2015 and is currently working at Charles River Laboratories. Good luck in all future endeavors!

Tara Mahvelati

Master Student, Graduated
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  • 819-346-1110 ext.14897

Tara has recently completed her baccalaureate degree at Concordia University in Biology. During her undergraduate studies she began to develop an increasing interest in immunology and the central nervous system. Ultimately, leading her to pursue a career path in neurodegenerative diseases. She’s joined the lab as a Master student since May 2013 and will be focusing on the role of the novel Nlrp12 protein in the pathology of neurodegenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Jayme Marrotte

Summer Student

Jayme is an undergraduate student at Bishop’s University studying Biology and Neuroscience. Her main interest lies in neuroscience, more specifically, the triggers of neurodegenerative diseases. She is currently doing a summer internship at Gris Lab of Neuroimmunology and with two years left of undergraduate studies, Jayme plans to continue studying Neuroscience for her Masters.

Dominique Poulin

Past Undergraduate Student

Dominique is a second year undergraduate student  in molecular and cellular biology (COOP) at University of Sherbrooke. It is while being a trainee at COOP  that he chose Sherbrooke and was able to discover an interest in lab work, particularly with living organisms. He plans to continue his studies in biology and a complete a Master's degree following his undergraduate studies. After a journey of 4 months in Europe, Dominique is planning to continue traveling around the world and he is currently planning a 6 months trip in Australia/New Zealand and Asia. He is currently doing an internship at Gris Lab of Neuroimmunology where he will study pattern of Nlrx1 expression in microglia in response to different stimulation paradigms.

François-Mikhaël Labrie

Past Undergraduate Student
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Francois-Mikhael is an undergraduate student in Biology and Biotechnology. Currently, he is working in the domain of multiple sclerosis. Francois is researching a pattern of pro-inflammatory activation of microglia: he is learning how to activate mouse microglial cell lines (BV-2) with virus-activating reagents such as TNF-alpha, IL-Beta, and LPS. He is learning how to assess the degree of activation of iNOS using Western blotting and Griess reagent. Francois is currently holding an endMS grant and he is looking forward to continuing his education by pursuing Masters in Biology.

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