Our Collaborators

Dr. Aziz Amrani

Principal Investigator

University of Sherbrooke. Area of expertise: Immunology. We are using a combination of approaches including mouse genetics, cellular immunology and biochemistry to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control differentiation and function of dendritic cells in autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Mannix Auger-Messier

Professeur adjoint

Axe et thème porteur de recherche: Diabète, obésité et complications cardiovasculaires.
Together, we are looking at the function of mutant forms of Nlrp12.

Dr. Ralf Braun

Principal Investigator

University of Beyreuth, Germany. Area of expertise: Neuroimmunology. Together we are researching the role of mitochondria in the neuroinflammation. Annually, we organize international symposiums (Canada-Germany) looking at the most up-to-date research in the field of mitochondria.

Dr. Pedro D'Orléans-Juste

Principal Investigator

University of Sherbrooke. Area of expertise: Cardiovascular pharmacology. Works in the pharmacology department.

Dr. Stephen Girardin

Principal Investigator

Research location: University of Toronto - St. George Campus (downtown)
Primary Research Area: Infectious Diseases & Immunopathology
Secondary Research Area: Molecular & Cell Biology
Our collaborative project is centered around the role of Nlrx1 in neuronal death.

Dr. David Juncker

Principal Investigator

McGill University. In collaboration with Dr. Juncker, we are developing novel approaches for modeling human disease in vitro, using nano technology based microfluidics probes. Currently, we are working on development of new probes for in vitro focal models of ischemia. Also we are working on high through put approaches to test multiple drugs in vitro.

Dr. Tim Kennedy

Principal Investigator

McGill University. Areas of Research: Neurology and Neurosurgery, Anatomy and Cell Biology.
Our collaborative projects are centered around the role of Netrin-1 in brain development.

Dr. Stephen Miller

Professor of Microbiology-Immunology and Dermatology

Director, Interdepartmental Immunobiology Center

Judy Gugenheim Research Professor of Microbiology-Immunology

Professor in Microbiology-Immunology and Dermatology
Our collaborative work is centered around exploring and developing the Multivariate Clinical Assessment in the context of multiple sclerosis research.

Dr. Patrick McDonald

Principal Investigator

University of Sherbrooke. We study the molecular bases of key functional responses in human neutrophils, which represent essential components of host defence against infections.

Dr. Martin Richter

Principal Investigator
  • E-Mail
  • (819)820-6868, ext.14881

University of Sherbrooke Expertise: Influenza; Respiratory infections; Virus; TTSP; T cells; Cell sorting; Immune response; Multiparametric cytometry; Memory; Confocal microscopy; Immunology; Infectious Disease; Inflammation, T Cells, B cells, Lynphocyte Biology; Antigens; Cellular Immunology; Cytokines; Immunobiology; Allergic Diseases; Biochemical Pharmacology; Intra-cellular Targeting.

Dr. Larissa Takser

Principal Investigator
  • E-Mail
  • (819) 820-6868, ext. 15809

University of Sherbrooke. Area of expertise: Epidemiology and statistics; chemicals and health hazards; risk assessment; research methods in environmental health; reproductive health.

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